The Intimacy Toolbox

Intentional conversation can literally transform relationships

The Intimacy Toolbox contains 200 thought-provoking questions, called “sparks,” carefully crafted by a couples’ therapist to ignite closeness & deepen connection between partners. All couples – young or old, gay or straight – can experience a higher degree of intimacy on all levels – emotional, sexual, spiritual and intellectual – simply by having the conversations prompted by The Intimacy Toolbox.

How it Works

The Intimacy Toolbox The Intimacy Toolbox contains 200 conversation “sparks,” covering topics such as sex, values, conflict, your relationship, everyday life, as well as a peek into what makes your partner tick!

You can choose the topic you want to focus on, or just use the “sparks” as they randomly appear on the screen. Once you’ve discussed the spark, you can choose to discard it, or you can revisit it later. If a particular spark isn’t interesting to you, you can choose to remove it. It has these additional features:

  • You can hide a spark for a few days, weeks, or months, if it is a little too "hot" for you at the time.
  • You can swipe down to reject a spark completely.
  • You can browse through the spark library, and choose sparks directly.
  • There are additional relationship-building resources to also help you build a deep relationship with your partner.

About HeartTech

HeartTech, the development team for The Intimacy Toolbox, is made up of two unlikely partners. Lori Nash, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Bellingham, Washington, and David Hirsch, a software developer and cybersecurity student, also in Bellingham.

Lori first started utilizing a version of The Intimacy Toolbox called “The Question Game” with clients in her counseling practice. She collected a wide variety of intimacy-building questions over ten years. She then provided many of the questions the couples that came to her for help with getting out of a relationship rut, reviving their sex life, ending a destructive communication pattern, or strengthening their connection. Word of “The Question Game” quickly spread, and couples began calling Lori specifically to ask for a copy of the questions. This planted the seed for creating “The Intimacy Toolbox.”

Lori and David met to discuss David’s other app, TrustBuilder. She bounced the idea for The Intimacy Toolbox off of him, and he was immediately on board.


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